Overall I enjoyed this project! I really enjoy editing and giving ourselves a new challenge of tilt-shifting which is something we’d never done before.

We decided to do a promo of Cheltenham and because Stacey was going home to Birmingham she took the camera and tripod with her and filmed some really nice shots with her mum!

So we started off in Gloucester but as we don’t know the area well and didn’t do much research beforehand we didn’t really know where to film so next time we would definitely do more research into locations in an area we don’t know. We ended up filming the High street, the Cathedral and the docks.

We then filmed in Cheltenham which we know a lot better so we had a much better idea of where to film and what would look good. Stacey emailed a few places asking if we could film from their buildings and a hairdressers opposite the Town Hall replied so we went there which was really good as it gave us a higher angle to work from. We filmed in various locations and luckily the weather was good so we got some nice shots.

Stacey then took the camera home and got some really nice shots all around Birmingham which was really cool!

When it came to editing  we ended up having three different lengths for our videos which we were happy with as it made it more interesting rather than having three short or three long videos. We chose our shots and decided to start with Gloucester as it was our shortest. We wanted to add a few facts to the pieces as it gave it more meaning and using the visitbirmingham etc sites made it more professional. We wanted to use chilled songs to have as more background music to the pieces to keep interest and Death Cab For Cutie and Owl City seemed to work really well!

Once we’d figured out the best way to tilt shift (see reblogged tutorial and notes below) we plowed through and added some text facts. We edited a song down to fit the video and were happy with how it looked! We came into a bit of difficulty when it came to taking our AfterEffects files to Final Cut Pro as it didn’t transfer over properly so we ended up teaching ourselves (with the help of the technician Jeremy!) how to use Adobe Premiere Pro which was really cool as it’s nice to know we can know do basic stuff on FCP and AfterEffects and Premiere Pro.

Our Cheltenham and Birmingham videos went a lot smoother as we knew what we had to do and we were happy with how it turned out considering it was our first time using AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere Pro and just tilt-shifting as well!

If we were to do it again it would be cool to do more locations and from more angles. I would enjoy doing this again and I would love to learn more on AfterEffects!

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Probably my favourite, and easiest to follow, tutorial.
Important notes:
Shoot from up high, at a distance, static camera,
Lens blur.
Colour saturation/ hue - hyper-real.
Effects - gradient curvature graph - whites and blacks.
Effects - brighten and contrast - lower contrast, higher brightness
Lessen frames per second and/or speed it up.
Posturize time - frame rate - 4-6 frames p/s.
Composition - composition settings - Advanced - Tick preserve frame rate when nested/ render queue
Rectangle - blur - feather.

We found a majorly fast way of tilt-shifting!
Firstly to adjust the time with Time Stretch - everytime we changed it from 100 to 20

Then Colour change with Brightness and Saturation to give it a funkier look

Then New Adjustment Layer

Then Lens Blur

Then New Shape Layer

Then the fill where we chose which area we wanted to be clear and not blurred

Then it was done! :)

Then we added the text box to add our facts to the videos!

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Birmingham Infomercial

Our final and favourite piece -  a Birmingham Promo - filmed all by Stacey and her Mum and edited by both of us! :)

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Cheltenham Infomercial

This is our second piece - A Promo of Cheltenham

We decided to add facts to the piece as it gives it more of a narrative and purpose!

Filmed and Edited by both of us!

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The link to our first finished piece

We started with a small promo for Gloucester featuring a few landmarks - we couldn’t find many nice places to film so we will make the Cheltenham one longer.

If we were to shoot this again we would research properly where to go and film.

Filmed and Edited by both of us!

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Rendering our finished Birmingham Piece! Chelt and Glos to come though!

Rendering our finished Birmingham Piece! Chelt and Glos to come though!

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Adding Text!! :)

Adding Text!! :)

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Got our facts to put onto our shots!

Got our facts to put onto our shots!

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Rendering takes so long!!! :D

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Editing our work!

Our edited files from AfterEffects didn’t import properly over to Final Cut Pro so we are now using our initiative and teaching ourselves Adobe Premiere Pro!! 

It’s quite cool to expand our knowledge of more software :)

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